How Below Deck Med's Jamie Jason Lost 24 Pounds Even Though "I'm Very Picky" and "I Don't Like Sweating"

The Below Deck yachtie has slimmed down... despite a diet of Pringles at sea.

The yachties on Below Deck Mediterranean have admitted that they eat some strange things whether at home or on sea. Captain Sandy Yawn shared that she is a bit of a "cereal eater" when she's not yachting. "So — milk and Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, Mini Wheats," she recently told The Feast. And Kasey Cohen put the whole crew on blast when she tweeted that everyone basically subsisted on Pringles this season.

When we caught up with Jamie Jason before the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion, the Cape Town native looked visibly slimmer and told us she lost 24 pounds. 

Has she gone on a trendy celebrity diet?

"I went vegan, didn't last, but it's just healthy eating, really," she shared.

She also revealed that she doesn't exercise very vigorously.

"I am very light in the gym, like active, I don't like perspiring. It's a very funny thing to say but I really don't like sweating, so just like weights and I'm very picky with my food. That's it!"

Apparently, making more careful (or, as she would say, "picky") choices works for Jamie.

—Reporting by Laura Rosenfeld

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