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Before and After: Laura's Historic Home

See Carson and Thom's amazing transformation of Laura's newly-purchased (and possibly haunted) home. 

Before and After: Gillian's Apartment

After living in her new apartment for 17 months without unpacking all of her boxes, Gillian's space gets a much-needed makeover from Carson and Thom. 

Before and After: Attika and Migdalia's Brooklyn Townhouse

See Carson and Thom's transformation of Attika and Migdalia's family room and their daughter's new bedroom. 

Before and After: Diedra and Karoline's Zen Den

Go inside Diedra and Karoline's new "Zen Den," a combination meditation room and an in-home office. 

Before and After: Bratenders

Check out Carson and Thom's shocking transformation of Lori's Manhattan underwear shop, "Bratenders." 

Before and After: Johnny and Sebastian's Baby-Proof Apartment

Despite Sebastian's tight budget and aversion to color, see how Carson and Thom managed to redesign the couple's Brooklyn apartment. 

Before and After: Nichole's Brooklyn Townhouse

Carson and Thom help Nichole pay homage to her late husband while getting her ready to face a new phase of her life. 

Before and After: Jessica and Josh's Tribeca Penthouse Loft

This New York power couple describe Carson and Thom's transformation of their penthouse loft as, "Everything I would have wanted and more."

Before and After: Dr. Jonelle's Dentist Office

Who could hate the dentist when the office looks like this? Check out Carson and Thom's makeover of Dr. Jonelle's office. 

Before and After: Laurie and Jeff

Since their kids are growing up, Carson and Thom give parents Laurie and Jeff a home upgrade with a Vegas-inspired bar and a new bedroom. 

Before and After: Sara and Ehud's Forever Home

See how Carson and Thom transformed Sara and Ehud's "forever" family home despite their polar opposite tastes in design!