Patricia Altschul Shares the Essentials You Need for a Home Bar With “Southern Hospitality”

The Southern Charm-er takes care of her own gin martini needs — as well as anything her visitors desire.

Southern Charm viewers know that Patricia Altschul enjoys a classic gin martini. (What they may not know is she sticks to just one a day.) But of course, it's not just her own alcohol intake that concerns Patricia in her home — naturally, as an ever gracious host, she is also always prepared to provide her guests with any libation they desire when they visit.

Patricia sat down with The Feast recently in Los Angeles, and shared with us what inventory she considers essential for stocking a home bar. In short? Be prepared for anything.

"I think to have an open bar for your guests, you should have a bit of everything," she told The Feast. "The classics. You need mixers. Plenty of ice, lemons, limes — all of that."

And of course, the kaftan purveyor walks the walk when it comes to entertaining her own guests. "I have three bars on the first floor of my house. It’s called Southern hospitality. You’re not [ever too far from a drink]." 

Be right over, Patricia.

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