Shep Rose Explains Why Craig Conover Needs to Put His Name on His Drink

The Southern Charm pal put his friend on blast.

Shep Rose had just landed in the Bahamas to visit Craig Conover when he started busting his good friend’s chops. In an Instagram post, Shep noted that he and Craig were already “subtly driving each other up the wall.” And in a later post, the Southern Charm bachelor put his pal on blast for a peculiar habit of his.

In an August 9 Instagram Story, Shep showed a photo of Craig proudly holding up a silver cup. On said cup, someone had written: Please give to Craig. And if that leaves you somewhat confused, let Shep explain:

“They had to write [Craig Conover’s] name on his cup because he loses all his possessions most of the time,” he wrote in the caption. 

Well, that explains that! 

Photo: Craig Conover/Instagram

In other words, if found, please return frose to Craig Conover.  

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