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Sweet Home

Queso Cabana

S2/EP8 | Aired:
December 22, 2018
Jennifer has big designs for her friend’s cabana, but an unexpected snag threatens to shut the whole project down. Meanwhile, Alex’s evacuation plan is put to the test when a tornado hits OKC. (43:24)
Sweet Home

Drag Queen Demo

S2/EP7 | Aired:
December 15, 2018
It’s a family affair as Jennifer transforms the former home of a famous drag queen into a place for her parents – with a little help from some new friends. Meanwhile, Josh makes a big decision to shrink his breasts. (43:24)
Sweet Home

Judge, Jury, and Inspector

S2/EP6 | Aired:
December 8, 2018
Jennifer tackles the redesign of the Judge’s office and gives the JWD lobby a make-over. Meanwhile, Jennifer is out to get revenge on Tim for his taste test prank. (43:24)
Sweet Home

The 10-Year Itch

S2/EP5 | Aired:
November 30, 2018
Jennifer redesigns a house she first worked on over a decade ago, but has to decide whether or not to make a costly decision. Meanwhile, Josh agrees to photograph Pumps’ kids with disastrous results. (43:24)
Sweet Home

Millennial Mansion

S2/EP4 | Aired:
November 23, 2018
Jennifer and her team take on redesigning a luxurious mansion owned by a wealthy millennial couple, but not without a few curveballs thrown their way. Meanwhile, Pumps is the victim of a not so sweet-smelling prank. (43:24)
Sweet Home

P Is For Pumps

S2/EP3 | Aired:
November 16, 2018
When she discovers the state of Pumps’ living room, Jennifer decides to surprise her BFF with a design makeover. But an unexpected discovery threatens to ruin Jennifer’s covert plan. Jennifer, Josh, and Pumps take an extreme measure to quit nicotine. (43:24)

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Sweet Home

Jennifer Welch Knows Best

S2/EP5: What's Jennifer's secret to getting clients on board with her design choices?