Dr. Gregory Lunceford May Not Actually Be Done with His Marriage to Quad Webb-Lunceford, According to Cecil Whitmore

"He acts like he wants to do the work," the Married to Medicine husband shared.

Quad Webb-Lunceford may have filed for divorce from her husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, but don't declare this marriage officially over just yet. Dr. Simone Whitmore's husband, Cecil Whitmore, shared that he doesn't believe Dr. Gregory is quite ready to throw in the towel on their relationship when he appeared in the audience to support his wife on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night (clip above). 

When asked for their thoughts on Dr. Gregory's part in the divorce on WWHL, Dr. Simone implored her husband to "tell the truth." "Actually, to be honest, Andy [Cohen], we're friends, and he acts like he wants to do the work," Cecil revealed. "He does, and he talks about hoping that Quad will turn and come back." 

However, Quad hasn't seemed committed to making the marriage work, according to Dr. Simone. "It just seems like, mentally, Quad's been gone for years," she shared. 

Cecil showed his support for both Quad and Dr. Gregory as he live tweeted Sunday night's episode of Married to Medicine. "Listen Brother. Praying for my lil sis @AbsolutelyQuad & my golf buddy @DrGLunceford," he tweeted. "I [heart] them both!!"

Quad confirmed to The Daily Dish in September that she had filed for divorce from Dr. Gregory. She later said on WWHL that "there were a number of reasons" why she felt like divorce was the best option. "As I was trying to work through things with my husband and I still was hitting a brick wall, I said, 'He's not getting it,'" she explained. "Apparently, that's giving me a message that he doesn't want to get it, which means he doesn't want the marriage."

Dr. Simone has been vocal about her disappointment over Quad not sharing her struggles with the Married to Medicine crew this season. You could tell that Dr. Simone is still not quite over it as she gave some advice to Quad on WWHL after successfully coming out of a dark time in her own marriage last season. "There's lots of advice I could give to my girlfriend if just she would listen. But one of the things that I've told Quad more than once is that I feel she needs to get in counseling. The entire time I was separated from Cecil, I was in counseling because I did not want to hate him for the rest of my life," she said. "But I think you just need to be whole and healthy, and Quad is not in a good place right now." 

Quad opens up more about the split, below.

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Quad Webb-Lunceford on Why She Filed For Divorce
Quad Webb-Lunceford from #Married2Med tells Andy Cohen that she has filed for divorce from her husband who had cheated on her and says what led up to knowing she was done with him for good.
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