Dream Job Alert: Now You Can Legit Get Paid Just to Eat Nutella (In Italy!)

You're already qualified based on your love of Nutella (duh) — but might want to brush up on your Italian.

If you've ever devoured a jar of Nutella all by yourself and fantasized about just basically doing that all day long and getting paid for it, well, hi. It's your lucky day.

If you are willing to live in Northern Italy, and can impress parent company Ferrero with your job application for their new position of sensory judge, you'll have a chance to score a part-time gig with the company eating the heavenly chocolate hazelnut paste for official tasting purposes — a job not previously offered to laypeople. (And that would expose you to a lot of Nutella in a much more civilized way than those folks who actually started a riot over it.)

According to The Local, Ferrero plans to recruit 60 ordinary consumers (no experience required) to help taste various ingredients. Those who are selected will work two days a week for three-months before the pool is reduced to 40 sensory judges to continue the part-time work.

Think you got this? Email [email protected] with the code ALB01 in the subject line... and, probably, recite the mantra, "I want to live my best life," until you make this manifest.

Good luck and godspeed!

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