Dorinda Medley Compares the Difference Between Eating in Your 20s and Eating in Your 50s

The RHONY pal took to Instagram to showcase a significant generational gap.

Dorinda Medley just made an astute observation based on two plates of food: The Real Housewives of New York City pal took to social media on August 9 to document a couple of dishes that were spread out in front of her.

“There’s two meals here,” she narrated. Pointing the camera at the dish that was farther away from her, she explained: “This one is noodles, rice, fried chicken, and soy sauce.” The other plate, however, held decidedly less fried, sodium heavy contents: salad and turkey.

So, now it’s time to play a guessing game: “Who’s 20, and who’s 50?” she asked.  Since Dorinda, 53, has been on a bit of health kick with frequent workouts at Equinox gym, we’re going to go with: What is, the 50-something goes for the healthier meal, Alex?  

We can fill in the context that metabolism falls off a cliff as adulthood marches on — so grown folks watching their figure and their fitness levels have to be ever so much more vigilant than they used to be. (Womp, womp.)

Photo: Dorinda Medley/Instagram

But, that doesn’t mean that fitness-minded people in their 50s don’t get cheat days, too. Dorinda recently bit into a cheeseburger and enjoyed every minute of it.

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