Breastfeeding Meghan King Edmonds Cut This One Thing From Her Diet — and it Changed the Game

The new twin mom has found that parenting one of her little ones is way more manageable since she figured it out.

Maybe it's actually a good thing Meghan King Edmonds doesn't always get to finish her coffee these days. (New parent problems.) The mom of three just provided an update on her newborn twins, and also shared a dietary tip she learned for keeping her baby calm. 

On August 5, The Real Housewives of Orange County alum shared a photo of her newest babes, twins Hunter and Hayes. The winsome duo just turned two months old, and — according to mama — are currently smiling a ton, kicking their little legs, and learning to sleep for five-hour stretches at a time. (As any new parent knows, this is big.) And as for dietary preferences, Meghan explained that her boys are happiest when their breast milk is dairy and caffeine free. 

When a follower asked the Saint Louis resident about her decision to quit drinking caffeine, Meghan shared: "Hart was so active and awake one day when I had two cups of coffee — he was insufferable! So I cut it out the next day and the [change] was remarkable and immediate."

What a relief — even if it did mean cutting out coffee when mama could use it most.

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