Tamra Judge Reveals the Exact Diet That Fuels Her Bodybuilding Lifestyle

The Real Housewives of Orange County pal is a diet and fitness expert.

Tamra Judge became a competitive bodybuilder in 2016 and shared what a typical day of eating looked like as she was beginning this new athletic journey. Now, The Real Housewives of Orange County muscle woman breaks down how her lean and clean eating kicks into overdrive when she's getting ready for a competition.

"You have to eat so much protein to build that muscle," she told The Feast. "You eat a lot of protein, a lot of chicken breasts, a lot of protein shakes, a lot of egg whites, a lot of steamed vegetables, asparagus, things like that. No processed food, no sugar. And I don't eat a whole lot of that, every once in a while — like, I had dessert last night, which was amazing. But it's just constantly eating every couple hours. So when you work out you can feed those muscles."

She admits that she's not perfect at doing everything she needs to do at all times with such an active eating regimen.

"For me, the problem is that I can work out and then not eat for like four hours and you're not doing yourself any justice when you do that. So it's just making a conscious effort to prep your food, and then it's the two to three hours of working out every day. I have the muscle in there, you just have to lean out and get your body weight so low to show the muscle."

Tamra's next bodybuilding competition is scheduled to take place in November.

-Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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